It is important to use the best janitor equipment to clean your commercial or residential property in Singapore. Cleaning is one of the best ways through which you can easily maintain your investment and keep it looking new always. In other words, you retain its original value but only if you clean it right. Cleaning right means using the right janitorial supplies or janitorial equipment from the best janitorial supplier in Singapore.

Not any cleaning agent from any supplier will give you satisfactory results. Some suppliers are out to make money without caring about your safety and health as well as the cleanliness of your property. This explains why the choice of a janitorial supplier is important to the life of your home. A good supplier choice means clean, germ-free and fresh aired spaces while a bad supplier choice means dirty, smelly and contaminated spaces.

We have different janitorial equipment to cater for all your cleaning needs. Most suppliers fail to understand that every facility in your home or business needs special janitorial supplies for best care. Here are some of the equipment you will find very helpful and worth investing in.

Window washers – This equipment is very effective at removing dirt from your windows. Please note that, the window washer you choose should be suitable for your type and material of windows. You may opt for washers with stainless steel brushes, plastic rubber and are available with a tip that is replaceable.

Floor cleaners – Sometimes Singapore homes and commercial buildings have floors or carpets with stubborn dirt that ordinary cleaning cannot remove. The right janitorial equipment leaves your floors sparkling clean. Choose quality carpet cleaners or vacuum cleaners, magnetic floor sweepers (for outside and indoor cleaning) from trusted janitorial supplier.

Basic janitorial supplies such as brushes, brooms and dustpans are well stocked. For clean and healthy floors, janitorial supplies also include dilatable liquids, powders, pump sprays and aerosols. These floor cleaning supplies ensure that your floor is clean and germ-free.

Protective gloves – Remember to invest in high quality gloves. This is because some of these cleaning agents may harm your skin if you are not well protected. This is why we supply gloves among other protective janitorial equipment because we care about your safety. You should also make sure that the room is well ventilated to avoid inhalation of harmful fumes which may affect your lungs.

Did you know that there are special cleaning supplies for specific rooms? Yes there are. For instance when you are cleaning your bathroom you need to pay special attention to the tub, tiles, toilet bowl and drainers. Use janitorial supplies that will clean out any stains and mildew. Use sprays, foams and wipes of high quality for smell-free and sparkling bathrooms.

Disinfectants – At here you will find some products that do not require any form of brushing. All you need is to just spray them on shower surfaces. Such products are usually disinfectants which kill E.coli bacteria, Staphylococcus and fungus.

Cleaning products – When shopping for janitorial supplies for the bathroom drainers, you will find them in powder and liquid form. The liquid ones are usually based on sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid / sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide.

Janitorial equipment for the toilet bowl are also available in tablets, liquids and foams. The janitorial supplies you choose for this facility should contain germs killing anti-microbial chemicals.

Most Singaporeans understand that, how clean your kitchen is, determines how healthy your family will be. Invest in high quality liquid or powder janitorial equipment to clean counter surfaces and appliances such as oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. When you choose us as your janitorial supplier in Singapore you will have the right janitorial supplies for your every need. We understand that every room and appliance in your home or business needs special supplies for effective cleaning.

We offer the following attributes:

Affordability – We offer high quality janitorial equipment at the best price possible. We are able to work with your budget because whatever budget you have you will find a product to match it. Our prices are affordable and cheap but we do not compromise on quality.

Quality – Singaporeans want good value for their money. We have good quality janitorial equipment that match every customer’s expectations. We offer fast delivery of your order. We are always sure that the janitorial supplies you get from us do not only work but work well for a very long time.

Excellent customer service – We strive to offer high quality service right from when you make an enquiry to when you order and receive your purchased equipment. We offer after sale service where we address any issues arising from our supplies. We build long lasting customer relationships so you can trust us to offer excellent services because we need you to refer your friends and family and even keep coming back.

Convenience – With us, you will enjoy high level of convenience. It is very easy to transact with us. We reply to e-mails promptly and we will pick up your call within seconds. We know that shopping should not take all your time and that is why we are easily available online.

Well-reputed – We are a well-known janitorial supplier in Singapore for our affordability, excellent services and quality supplies.

Variety – We offer variety. There are different equipment or supplies from different manufacturers. This presents you the customer with an opportunity to have a variety of supplies to choose from. You can easily find your favorite brand of disinfectant in our stores in either liquid or powder form.

Whether you need to clean your kitchen appliance and surfaces, bathroom, toilet, floor or windows, we have what you need to do a good job. You can easily keep your surfaces shining and free from disease causing germs by simply buying the right janitorial equipment from the leading janitorial suppliers in Singapore.


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