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The number of chemicals being produced and used in the world today is alarming. You wonder then why everyone is talking about environmental friendliness when more than 72,000 artificial chemicals have been produced and used in the world since World War II. Some of these chemicals have been added to our office cleaning products without our knowledge, and without the proper understanding of their potential effects on human beings and on the environment.

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We spent most of our active lives in the office, at least 8 hours per day for those of us who are in the formal sector. In Singapore, one spends 44 hours per week in the office. That is why office cleaning should be taken seriously, and this explains why great care should be taken when cleaning the office. Natural cleaning products should be preferred to the synthetic ones.

Natural office cleaning products

Natural office cleaning products are derived from natural substances. Basically, most of them have water and plant-derived chemicals as their denominator. Some of the most common natural cleaning product ingredients include lemon and white vinegar.

Fresh lemon juice can be used to deodorize, brighten whites, remove stains clean glass and inhibit mold growth because it contains citric acid. It also removes grime in taps and other similar places. On the other hand, the versatility of white vinegar makes it useful as a calcium build-up dissolver that can also cut through grease and soap sum and do away with foul odors. It is particularly good for cleaning the office toilet.

Other basic cleaning products include baking soda, washing soda, and salt. Washing soda is very effective in cleaning painted walls and hard floors in the office. It normally doesn’t form fumes in the direct air, but being a heavy-duty cleaning agent, one should wear gloves when using it. It is highly alkaline and it is thus essential in the removal of stains like grease and petrol stains in the office.

Baking soda is a weaker base than washing soda, but it is still a very useful natural office cleaning product. It cuts through grease effectively, softens hard water and acts as a whitening agent, removing tough stains. Its abrasive qualities make it quite effective as a natural office washing ingredient.

Salt is also useful as a natural office cleaning product because it acts as a disinfectant and it is abrasive. It can remove grease stains with ease and can be added to other ingredients like baking soda to make a more effective office cleaning product.

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Advantages of office cleaning with natural products

· They are employee safe
An office that has been cleaned with artificial substances is less likely to be conducive to proper working as compared to one that has been cleaned using natural cleaning products. Employees need a good environment to operate in if they are going to be productive. Some employees are actually allergic to some of the chemicals used in many synthetic office cleaning substances.

· They are world safe.

We are living in a world that has been polluted by synthetic cleaning products that are made of harmful chemicals. When these chemicals are sprayed into the air during an office cleaning exercise, for example, they are eventually washed into the oceans and rivers, spoiling the eco-system. This is wrong at these times when we are all talking about global warming and making our environment safe for all. Perhaps that is why everyone in Singapore is highly advised to stick to natural cleaning products instead of the artificial ones that are already doing a lot of harm to our environment.

· Natural cleaning products are biodegradable and dye free.

Commercial and janitorial green cleaning products are easily biodegradable, meaning that they hardly interfere with the natural self-sustaining cycle that provides human beings and plants with fresh air. Being dye-fee, on the other hand, means that they hardly cause any stains. Instead, they remove all stains and leave the surfaces they are used on spotlessly clean.

· Natural cleaning products lack chemicals like synthetic fragrances and artificial brighteners.

It is normal for artificial cleaning products to have fragrances and artificial brighteners so that they appeal to the buyers. The irony is that the buyer is lured to buy what is less useful than a natural cleaning product that is made of plant-derived ingredients and scents which are non-toxic.

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· They are child safe.

Children are very sensitive to chemicals. Use of artificial office cleaners may sometimes make the office inhabitable to children. Remember that children are the most vulnerable members of the society because their vital organs are still developing and they are less efficient in fighting the toxins contained in artificial chemicals like adults. Any damage to their underdeveloped organs can be permanent, making their lives into adulthood difficult.

· They are pet safe.

Pets have become indispensable family and office companions these days. In this regard, it is not right to use synthetic cleaning products because you never know which chemicals are used and how harmful they are to your pets at the office. It is always advisable to go natural to keep your pets in the pink of health.

All said and done, we should not forget that the most important cleaning product is water. Whatever form of dirt there is in the office, water can handle it. It only needs to be mixed with a few natural cleaning products to make it more effective. Pure soap and soap nuts are examples of such products. The problem with the modern office cleaning industry is that most people think that you need so many cleaning products to make the office clean and fresh. This is the wrong mindset, but you don’t blame customers because they are meant to believe that every other stain or form of dirt requires a different chemical—laden artificial cleaning product.

As long as you use them well, natural cleaning products can solve your office cleaning issues. Natural cleaning products such as cellulose sponges and microfiber cleaning tools will make the icing on the cake so that office cleaning is all natural from start to finish.

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 Why you should choose our janitorial cleaning services in Singapore?

Today, a high number of office managers in both small and large businesses as well as home owners have discovered the benefits of hiring a professional janitorial service. A well trained cleaning team effectively removes dirt and dust that accumulates in homes and office buildings with time so that when guests or customers visit, they will find a clean and neat environment which gives them a positive impression of the owner as well as the business. Also, as the owner, you do not have to rely on untrained employees to clean your home or office.

Janitor Singapore has been providing unmatched janitorial and professional cleaning service for industrial, commercial, office buildings as well as in homes for many years. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all your needs are met and our main aim is to ensure that your facility look its best at all times. Our solid reputation is built with our customer’s needs and wants in mind and we constantly improve the quality of the services we deliver to our customers throughout Singapore.

There is so much to janitorial services than to just mop the floor and clean the countertops. Environmental concerns and advance in technology has taken janitorial cleaning to another level. Janitor Singapore, we combine both the latest technology with our many years of experience which means that we offer a wide range of solutions depending on each client’s needs. With this is mind, the following are some of the reasons why we are the best janitorial cleaning company in Singapore and why you should choose us.

We have the background and expertise to do any job out clients ask. To special carpet care, cleaning maintenance, refinishing and floor cleaning, we can get it done.

· Constant communication

Staying in contact with customers is vital in keeping a good relationship with them. We assign one representative to inspect facilities on a routine basis which helps to ensure that our employees are doing their jobs exceptionally. They also give feedback on what can be done to make your facility look better.

We also keep contact with you to check if you are satisfied with our services or if there any recommendations you may have on how to keep your facility at its best.

· Professionally trained specialist

We hand pick our highly skilled staff and train them in all the aspects of the cleaning industry. Every employee goes through a thorough background check before employment to ensure that they meet all the outlines rules and regulations set in Singapore. They are then in a facility according to their individual personality and talents.

· Quality Control
Our ultimate goal is ensure all our customers are satisfied with our services and we accomplish this by closely monitoring the performance of all our employees. Depending on the size of the facility, we may either appoint an onsite supervisor to coordinate duties of all employees or a roaming supervisor to check the facility on a daily basis. This ensures your complete satisfaction and that you get what you pay for.

· Insurance

We are a registered company in Singapore and we comply with all the state, federal and local regulations. We also fully insured to protect us as well as the interests of our customers.

· Safety
Each of our employee is made familiar with the facility’s surrounding and what they should do in case of an emergency before site placement. They are also constantly trained on how to use new equipment.

Also, there some clients who require our staff to be trained at their facility due to certain dangerous conditions they can be exposed to at the facility. We happily comply with all rules regarding the safety of our clients and our employees. To still enhance safety, we have emergency phone numbers that can be reached 24/7 for any unforeseen events.

· References and Relationships
We provide each job proposal references along with contact numbers and names which you can contact and confirm the quality and reliability of our services.

Our solid reputation is as good as stated and our goal has always been to provide the best janitorial cleaning service in Singapore and our previous customers can attest.

We always get positive reviews not only because of our cleaning skills but because we build good relationship and solid partnership with all our customers. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients satisfied and happy.

· Flexible Frequency
We customize a specific schedule to fit the need of any company or home. Just let us know how often you want the cleaning to be done or suggest the frequency based on the use, number of employees and conditions of the facility. We can also advice you accordingly by suggesting more or less visit with the aim of making your facility look its best.

We also flexible with the hours you can have the facility cleaned. If you want it cleaned early in the morning or late in the night, we can certainly get it done.

· Quality and safe cleaning supplies
Using the latest cleaning solutions and equipment, we provide commercial janitorial and cleaning supplies which leaves any facility germs free, polished and spotless clean. The cleaning products we use are of high quality and safe to both our employees and occupants.

· You can also get any janitorial cleaning supplies with us
We offer quality, dependable services for all your cleaning needs. With a full understanding of any facility, we put all the effort in ensuring we present not only a beautiful but also a clean place to you.

Constant communication together with highly trained professional team of staff is what sets us apart from other janitorial cleaning companies in Singapore. Through our security measures, quality control procedures, professional references and relationships, safety guidelines, insurance and flexible cleaning services allows us to keep our customers happy and accomplish our goal.

With our unmatched janitorial cleaning services, we make it easy to keep any facility spotless clean, you just have to make the schedule and we will do the staffing and cleaning.
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