Why You Should Think Twice Before Hiring Freelance Cleaners

Living and working in a clean environment is not only good for your health but also for your peace of mind. A neat and clean house or office is one of the things that every Singaporean desires. However, it is not always possible to do the cleaning on your own and hence the need to hire a cleaner arises. Such cleaners ease your work as they can clean the property as desired and within a short time.

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When you decide to hire a cleaner, you should be very keen on who it is that you contract. One mistake that many people do is employing freelance cleaners. If you are wondering why it is problematic, then read on to discover why you need to think twice before hiring freelance cleaners.

Hiring freelance cleaners can be a huge risk because you can never be too sure about who they really are. This is because unlike professional cleaners who are registered after thorough background checks, freelancers operate independently. You may therefore unknowingly open your doors to someone with criminal tendencies. They may pose harm to you and other occupants apart from the risk of stealing your property.

Another thing that makes hiring freelancers problematic is that you may have to spend much time supervising them. Since they operate on their own, they may not have the motivation to deliver the best work. You may therefore be forced to regularly follow them up to ensure that the cleaning is done as you desire. It goes without saying that this will take too much of your time and energy.

Everyone wants their property to be cleaned using the latest techniques and equipment. Likewise, it should be done using non-corrosive and safe cleaning agents. These are things that you may not be guaranteed of by freelance cleaners. This is due to the fact that they may not have the amount of capital needed to invest in such items and hence go for cheaper alternatives, which are not always the best.

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When you hire a cleaner, you expect them to leave your property in a better condition than they found it. This is something that you can never be too sure about as far as freelancers are concerned. They may not have the relevant and training required to handling different cleaning tasks. They may therefore damage things such as the carpet, your electronic devices and even piping. This will cost you much more in repair work after they are done.

Liability for any work-related injuries is something no employer wants to bear. However, you may find yourself in such a situation if you hire a freelance cleaner. They do not work under an agency which is responsible for such incidences and therefore the liability for their injuries may fall on you. Since they are directly under your employment, you may be forced to foot their hospital bills and compensation. It therefore comes as no surprise that man people avoid dealing with freelancers due to such reasons.

Consistency is something that everyone desires, regardless of the services that they are being offered. You want a cleaner that you can rely on to give you only the best every time you hire them. With the freelance cleaners, however, this is not always the case. Most of them do not have a regular working procedure and hence the quality of their service might not always be up to the level that you desire.

Imagine hiring a cleaner and on the material day they do not show up. This is a frustrating thing as it means your house or business premises will not be cleaned. It is one of the experiences that one risks going through by hiring a freelance cleaner. On most occasions, they do not have a binding agreement with the employer and hence may decide not to show up when needed. This not only leaves your property dirty and uncomfortable but may also taint your image among visitors and clients.

The productivity of freelance cleaning service providers can never be guaranteed. Unlike professionals who have a working plan and structure, most freelancers tend to operate haphazardly. Since the work load varies from one cleaning job to another, planning is essential for the best results. Professionals work out the amount of labor and time to assign each task. Majority of the freelancers do not do the same and therefore they do not deliver the high quality of service you deserve.

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Sometimes you might require urgent cleaning services. In such a situation, it can be quite tricky getting a good freelance cleaner. Since they operate on a small scale, they are likely to be unavailable for the task. This may leave you in limbo as the house or property will be left dirty and uncomfortable to be in. You therefore need to deal with cleaners who you can count on whenever you need them. Since the freelancers cannot guarantee you of such availability, dealing with them is not always the best thing.

A cleaning agency should offer you more than cleaning services. They should be able to offer you advice on things such as the best way to maintain your property. Majority of freelance cleaners do not have the professional-level training and hence are not in a position to offer sound advice on such matters. This means that you will have to seek them elsewhere, therefore costing you more money and time. It is therefore better to avoid such inconveniences by not working with freelancers in the first place.

There are numerous cleaning services that need to be handled in any house or office. These include cleaning of carpets, windows, and laundry. Most freelancers may pass as jacks of all trades when in reality they cannot be able to provide you with the services that they promise. Unlike professional agencies which have a team of experts for each type of work, freelancers may operate on their own. You are therefore at risk of not getting the best service since they are likely not to know how to do the task you give them. One should save themselves from such an agony by avoiding freelance cleaners.



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 Why you should choose our janitorial cleaning services in Singapore?

Today, a high number of office managers in both small and large businesses as well as home owners have discovered the benefits of hiring a professional janitorial service. A well trained cleaning team effectively removes dirt and dust that accumulates in homes and office buildings with time so that when guests or customers visit, they will find a clean and neat environment which gives them a positive impression of the owner as well as the business. Also, as the owner, you do not have to rely on untrained employees to clean your home or office.

Janitor Singapore has been providing unmatched janitorial and professional cleaning service for industrial, commercial, office buildings as well as in homes for many years. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all your needs are met and our main aim is to ensure that your facility look its best at all times. Our solid reputation is built with our customer’s needs and wants in mind and we constantly improve the quality of the services we deliver to our customers throughout Singapore.

There is so much to janitorial services than to just mop the floor and clean the countertops. Environmental concerns and advance in technology has taken janitorial cleaning to another level. Janitor Singapore, we combine both the latest technology with our many years of experience which means that we offer a wide range of solutions depending on each client’s needs. With this is mind, the following are some of the reasons why we are the best janitorial cleaning company in Singapore and why you should choose us.

We have the background and expertise to do any job out clients ask. To special carpet care, cleaning maintenance, refinishing and floor cleaning, we can get it done.

· Constant communication

Staying in contact with customers is vital in keeping a good relationship with them. We assign one representative to inspect facilities on a routine basis which helps to ensure that our employees are doing their jobs exceptionally. They also give feedback on what can be done to make your facility look better.

We also keep contact with you to check if you are satisfied with our services or if there any recommendations you may have on how to keep your facility at its best.

· Professionally trained specialist

We hand pick our highly skilled staff and train them in all the aspects of the cleaning industry. Every employee goes through a thorough background check before employment to ensure that they meet all the outlines rules and regulations set in Singapore. They are then in a facility according to their individual personality and talents.

· Quality Control
Our ultimate goal is ensure all our customers are satisfied with our services and we accomplish this by closely monitoring the performance of all our employees. Depending on the size of the facility, we may either appoint an onsite supervisor to coordinate duties of all employees or a roaming supervisor to check the facility on a daily basis. This ensures your complete satisfaction and that you get what you pay for.

· Insurance

We are a registered company in Singapore and we comply with all the state, federal and local regulations. We also fully insured to protect us as well as the interests of our customers.

· Safety
Each of our employee is made familiar with the facility’s surrounding and what they should do in case of an emergency before site placement. They are also constantly trained on how to use new equipment.

Also, there some clients who require our staff to be trained at their facility due to certain dangerous conditions they can be exposed to at the facility. We happily comply with all rules regarding the safety of our clients and our employees. To still enhance safety, we have emergency phone numbers that can be reached 24/7 for any unforeseen events.

· References and Relationships
We provide each job proposal references along with contact numbers and names which you can contact and confirm the quality and reliability of our services.

Our solid reputation is as good as stated and our goal has always been to provide the best janitorial cleaning service in Singapore and our previous customers can attest.

We always get positive reviews not only because of our cleaning skills but because we build good relationship and solid partnership with all our customers. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients satisfied and happy.

· Flexible Frequency
We customize a specific schedule to fit the need of any company or home. Just let us know how often you want the cleaning to be done or suggest the frequency based on the use, number of employees and conditions of the facility. We can also advice you accordingly by suggesting more or less visit with the aim of making your facility look its best.

We also flexible with the hours you can have the facility cleaned. If you want it cleaned early in the morning or late in the night, we can certainly get it done.

· Quality and safe cleaning supplies
Using the latest cleaning solutions and equipment, we provide commercial janitorial and cleaning supplies which leaves any facility germs free, polished and spotless clean. The cleaning products we use are of high quality and safe to both our employees and occupants.

· You can also get any janitorial cleaning supplies with us
We offer quality, dependable services for all your cleaning needs. With a full understanding of any facility, we put all the effort in ensuring we present not only a beautiful but also a clean place to you.

Constant communication together with highly trained professional team of staff is what sets us apart from other janitorial cleaning companies in Singapore. Through our security measures, quality control procedures, professional references and relationships, safety guidelines, insurance and flexible cleaning services allows us to keep our customers happy and accomplish our goal.

With our unmatched janitorial cleaning services, we make it easy to keep any facility spotless clean, you just have to make the schedule and we will do the staffing and cleaning.
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